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    Comments: I would like thank Dr McPherson's team for an absolutely outstanding spine surgery experience. Racheal scheduled the surgery and completed the paper work with two days notice. Dave conducted the pre-op consultation on equally short notice. Dr. McPherson gave a thorough explanation of the procedure and recovery as well as keeping my wife informed. The surgery was accomplished without any complications. My post surgery follow-up appointments were positively conducted and I was released from restrictions on the 90 day visit. Symptoms are gone and I am rapidly getting back into my normal pre surgery activities. Thank you McPherson Team!
  • He Gave Me My Life Back
    I had such sever leg pain that I would fall back into bed when I tried getting up in the morning. Dr. McPherson performed a fusion of L4-L5. Following surgery, the only pain I had was at the surgery site. Once healed, I am able to sit, stand, bend and walk with no pain at all.~ Gerald Lassow ~
  • I was referred to Dr. McPherson by his associate Dr. Loucks for severe spinal stenosis by his associate Dr. Loucks. Chronic hip pain and weak leg had been previously diagnosed as stemming from a hip labrum tear. As I had never experience back or typical spinal stenosis symptoms in the past, the diagnosis and need for rather urgent surgery was quite shocking. Dr. McPherson took an excellent history, exam and explained the needed procedure and urgency in very understandable terms. His professionalism, reputation, and the organization of all aspect of Peak Orthopedics exceeded all expectations. I’m now four weeks post op, walking 2 miles/day and looking forward to a full recovery. Thank you Dr. McPherson, Carol Adams, Traverse City, Mi~ Carol ~
  • Dr. McPherson has done 3 surgeries on my spine - all have turned out perfect without complication. He’s exceptional!~ Sue Justice ~
  • Dr. McPherson gave me my life back. After 30 years of chronic back pain, I finally had my L4-S1 spinal fusion. I only wish I had done it years ago. He is thorough, listens, is professional and gave me the best options for treatment. I am 6 months post surgery and could not be happier. I would definitely recommend him!~ Pam F ~
  • I am a 47 yr old male. I had been dealing with lower back pain for 4 years when I was referred to Dr. McPherson. After the initial consultation and review of the MRI and X-rays, Dr. McPherson recommended a fusion of my L4-L5 vertebrae. This was not the answer that I wanted to hear, but Dr McPherson walked me through the procedure and why it was the best solution for my situation. After doing my own research and some follow up questions with the Dr, we went ahead with the procedure. It's been 6 months since the operation and it has been a success. My pain is resolved and I'm back to my normal activities. I always felt comfortable with the Dr and his team. They didn't seem rushed in any of our meetings and always took to the time to answer my questions or address my concerns. I have recommended Dr McPherson to my friends with back/spine troubles and will continue to do so.~ Drew L. ~
  • Successful spinal fusion surgery~ Ronald Riedesel ~
  • Dr. McPherson was thorough and detailed. He answered all my questions upon our first visit. I decided to have him perform my needed L4-L5 fusion surgery. I am now five months out and very happy. I seem to have recovered movement from a younger self. My nerve pain is gone and only a bit of lower back pain is still with me. I am working on that. I found it easy to work with his office and know what was next.~ Shirley ~
  • Dr McPherson and his staff were very kind, respectful, and knowledgeable.~ Verified Patient ~
  • Dr. McPherson is the surgeon you will want if you are facing a major spine operation. He exudes competence, is the right age (not too young or too old), and provides a masterful explanation of the procedure you will undergo - complete with models of the spine and samples of the actual hardware to be used. After surgery his instructions as to how you should move are precise and accompanied by clear examples. I can't say enough about the positive manner in which he guided me through major back surgery - from before the intervention until well after. His modus operandi would seem to be choosing the scope of repair which delivers the most relief with the least amount of risk. He is both bold and conservative in his methodology, something those who fear spinal surgery will appreciate. You will know immediately upon meeting Dr. McPherson that you have chosen well. ~ Thomas Kirkwood ~
  • Dr. McPherson has been an incredible doctor for my aging back. He and his staff are incredibly professional and efficiency. His care and concern for my lower back challenges is authentic and sincere. While surgery wasn't needed at this time, he suggested we monitor my condition over time for future treatment. To anyone with back or spine issues, I highly recommend Dr. McPherson first class, intelligent and caring physician.~ Stephen G. ~
  • Dr was very interested in problem and concerned. Knew exactly the problem with creative solution.~ Hank Brandon ~
  • Tailbone pain 18 days after lumbar spine surgery. Dr. McPherson completed the exam and determined it was possibly a bruise to the tailbone and unrelated to prior surgery. Steroid dose-pack was prescribed and is clearing up the pain issues more each day. My original surgery by Dr. McPherson went incredibly well despite the damage to my Dura lining which caused leaking of spinal fluid. After 4 days at Sky Ridge Medical Center I was released 100% pain-free with no need for pain medication or muscle relaxers. I highly recommend Dr. McPherson and Peak Orthopedics for any hand, knee, hip or back problems. He is a miracle worker as far as I am concerned with two previous surgeries to the same L4-L5 area by other surgeons dating back to 1979.~ Harvey Benoit ~
  • Dr McPherson is professional and knowledgeable. He followed up immediately on his recommendations. The office staff are awesome. Personable and professional. ~ Verified Patient ~
  • I would not trust another orthopedic surgeon with my care. Dr. McPherson and his support team are exemplary!~ Verified Patient ~
  • I had degenerative disc disease for years experiencing severe pain that I could hardly walk. Dr McPherson explained what my options were before surgery and I finally chose surgery. He explained the details of the surgery. I had previously had L5-s1 fused 2 years prior. He performed an XLIF surgery and fused L2-L4. 8 weeks out now Im experiencing no pain and back at the steps! Thank you Dr McPherson and your staff!~ Sharon Storie ~
  • He explained everything very well. He explained plan if action.~ Verified Patient ~
  • Dr. McPherson performed a L2-L3 Decompression surgery on me and I'm highly satisfied with the results. I would recommend that you give his office a call if you are experiencing nerve pain. He's the best~ Verified Patient ~
  • I had been suffering with arm pain, numbness and weakness. Finally decided to see Dr. McPherson because he diagnosed my C5-6 disc herniation w/ bone spurs and was skilled at disc replacement. He was patient and thorough in explaining what to expect from surgery to discharge from the hospital. His office staff are all helpful, friendly, and efficient. My surgery was all that I could have hoped for, and I have much more mobility over a fusion. I highly recommend Dr. McPherson and his practice.~ Trina in Centennial, CO ~
  • Calm, thoughtful doctor who took the time to show me the MRI in different views enabling me to understand spinal stenosis and why I was in so much pain. Tried non-invasive approaches before offering surgery. His medical assistant and surgery scheduler are superb - organized and supportive. Brilliant surgeon focused on giving patients the optimum outcome who stays engaged post-op. Recovery took longer than anticipated, but was 100% , couldn't have asked for better result. Am very grateful.~ JH in Santa Fe, NM ~
  • Dr. Hugh McPherson did a fusion on my L4/L5, and decompressions above and below. I had put this off for almost 5 years; each year that I went in to see what I could do to reduce my pain, he patiently listened and explained options. Finally, I made the decision for surgery, hoping to get some relief. At 7 weeks post-op, we made a trip to Europe with a lot of walking; I was pain free! I cannot say enough positive about Dr. McPherson and Peak Orthopedics and Spine. Dr. McPherson is the best!~ Kim in Parker, CO ~
  • Overall, good, straight forward. I went over why I was there, hand an exam, looked at the x-rays and options. 1. was physical therapy 2. a big surgery. He is professional and went over the x-ray in detail. ~ Denver, CO ~

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